IPVideo Platform Solution

Giving you the Power of Video and Collaboration

TechnologyUS's IPVideo Platform enables organizations to communicate via audio, video, and web collaboration with all of their employees, clients or customers, business partners - wherever they may be:

  • In a fraction of the time
  • At a fraction of the expense of on-site meetings or off-site training

IPVideo Platform gives you complete multimedia capabilities wrapped into a single turnkey product. Now, you can see more people online from the comfort of your office.

Your meetings and training sessions will be even more effective by combining our leading video and our innovative collaboration tools.

Share presentations online, and enjoy video and voice conferencing over the internet

Ideal Training Platform

The IPVideo Platform is the most advanced online learning platform in the market today. Your audience will feel like they’re in the same room with the instructor or trainer.

Our centralized managed platform gives you:

  • Video conferencing
  • Voice Over Internet or audio conferencing capabilities
  • Network & bandwidth management
  • Basic and advanced web conferencing tools
  • Custom conferencing services

Plus you can connect via a standard Internet DSL, cable modem, or T1 with 384x768 bandwidth.

And, IPVideo Platform easily integrates with any existing videoconferencing system immediately turning it into an ideal training platform.