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Emergency/Disaster Recovery Services

What is your current strategy for an emergency or disaster? For your company? For your customers? An estimated 675,000 excavation accidents occurred in the U.S. that damaged underground cables or pipelines. 27.5% (185,000) of those accidents damaged telecommunications facilities. What this means is Telco services such as T1's and other circuits are no longer functioning. This equates to over 500 construction cuts a day. Will it happen to your organization? There are many Business Disruption Events that can have a devastating effect upon your organization if you do not have a solid plan in place.

Potential Business & Revenue Impacting Events

  • Telco / Carrier Failures – circuits, equipment, software, impacted or failed call routing
  • Telco Cable / Fiber Cut - impacts Telecom, Data networking, Internet access
  • Internet Outage – impacts e-mail, company website, e-commerce site, internet access, VPN access, VoIP networking
  • Utility Power Outage / Failure
  • Utility Regional Power Grid event
  • Utility Rolling Blackouts
  • Power Brownouts & Surges
  • Lighting strikes
  • Equipment Failures – UPS, Telephone system, Voicemail system, Router, Networking systems, Servers – e-mail, web, applications
  • Software Corruption / Failure – hard drive failures, data corruption, viruses
  • Software Viruses & Malware
  • Computer Hackers – Internal & External
  • HVAC Failure – Computer room environment issues due to excessive heat
  • Broken or Backed-up Pipes – Water, Fire Sprinklers & Sewer
  • Area Events & Disasters – Earthquake, Wildfires, Adjacent building fire, Flood, Riots, Shootings, Bomb Threats, Forced Mandatory Evacuations
  • Transportation Disruptions – Bridge / Overpass collapse, Train Derailment, Subway / Metro events – Terrorist acts
  • Pandemic Events
  • Chemical Spills
  • HAZMAT events - Hazardous Waste Exposure / Spills
  • Extreme Weather Events – Blizzard, Snow storm, Ice storm, Heavy rains, High winds
  • Building Collapse / Structural Damage
  • Theft / Break-in / Vandalism
  • Disgruntled Employee (Current or Ex Employee)
  • Human Error
  • Plane Crash

Disaster Events

  • Building Fire
  • Area or Building Flood
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Terrorist Acts
  • Bombings

TechnologyUS has many proven solutions to eliminate the likelihood that your company would be impacted by these events. Having a Business Continuity Plan in place is only part of the equation. It is vital to have your plan fully tested on a regular basis. Updates should be made on a monthly or quarterly basis (at a minimum). Implementation and testing is key to providing the assurance that your business will survive if an "event" should take place. Communication outages make is extremely difficult to locate missing personnel. Lack of electrical power or fuel for generators renders computer systems inoperable. What are your customers thinking since they can't reach you live? Now what?

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