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Technology Utilization - Telecom Recovery

Telecom Recovery Solutions (TRS) is protection for your telephone calls. Our service rapidly restores the delivery of your telephone numbers after power outages, equipment failure, cable cuts, lightening, or natural disasters including all of your fax numbers.

What will you do when your telephone stops ringing? How will it impact your business and your customers if they can not reach you for 5 hours, 15 hours or more? What about your business reputation? What is the cost of that lost opportunity? Can you recover calls instantly if there is a cable cut or a power company transformer loss?

TechnologyUS offers Voice Recovery Services to solve this unpredictable business problem.

  • Professionally recover all your existing inbound telephone numbers including your DID's (Direct Inward Dial)
  • We require no change of your existing carriers
  • No hardware to purchase, no software to hassle with
  • Scalable to Enterprise – yet affordable for small business
  • This solution is 100% transparent to your caller
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes are included
  • Business Continuity e-mail service
  • Make changes easily, instantly

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